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Personal Genbank

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PersonalGenbank - Sequence awareness software
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  • PersonalGenBank is a database software maintaining sequences and sequence information in GenBank-format. Generally, the user downloads a large chunk of sequences from GenBank to the local computer and then imports these sequences into PersonalGenBank.
    Sequence entries (the accession number) that are already present in the local PersonalGenBank-database are not imported except if the data deviates from existing data!
    In this case the old data is not overwritten but a new record is added to the database. The old record is marked as 'obsolete' in a special database field whereas the new record is marked as 'updated' plus a list of the deviating fields. This enables the user to quickly find updated records and to compare changes to previous data.
  • Import GenBank-formatted files into a database.
  • Filtering of incoming data (e.g. sequence motifs, taxonomic groups etc.).
  • Searching for records in the database.
  • Output the data as GenBank-formatted files.
  • Store the search and filter options in profiles.
  • ...

Keywords: Manual sequence alignment editor, DNA, RNA, protein, wizard, prepare for phylogenetic analyses

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